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About Priority Commercial Cleaning

Are you Looking for a Commercial Cleaning service company in Baltimore, MD…. 

We’re not a big franchise janitorial company or a small fly-by night commercial cleaning service. We are a small team with big hearts for helping people just like you.

So what make us so great?

We’ll start by taking our ques from you. After all, you know your office better that anyone.  By asking you the appropriate questions and conducting adequate research on your company needs, we’ll have the knowledge to see if we’d be a great fit.

Assuming we are a great fit and can solve you company’s needs, a customized plan will be created, scheduled and assigned to our team of “qualified” cleaners that will achieve or exceed your company’s cleaning service needs.

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Specialized Company

Auto dealers specialist…..

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Licensed and Insured

All cleaners are licensed and
insured for your peace of mind

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Same Day Scheduling

We schedule regularly to visit
you on the same day and time

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Consistency Important?

Cleaners arrival, departure,inspection
checklist w/photos sent to YOU
and Managers every night 

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FREE Consultations
It’s just a short causal conversation to
see if we’d be a good fit
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Reputable Company

Operating more than 10 years
earning a reputation for service

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